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When you are sued or are in a dispute with someone, it is not only an emotionally draining experience, but also stressful.  Whether the dispute is with a landlord, an employer, a neighbor, a business acquaintance or someone who has caused you injury, you need an experienced attorney to represent your interests in a calm and professional manner so as to secure for you your desired outcome.

For two decades Pat McMenamin and Vince Margiotti have been devoted to helping residents of Bucks, Montgomery and Lehigh counties. The law firm of McMenamin & Margiotti is a full-service law firm representing clients in personal injury and wrongful death cases, civil and commercial litigation, employment law disputes and litigation and corporate/business matters.

The attorneys at our firm can provide guidance and advise you what to expect in your dispute. If you have been sued we can explain what defenses might be available to you. If you are pursuing a claim we can explain how to proceed so that your chances of recovery are greater, which includes strategies to enable you to actually collect a judgement, because often litigants are able to obtain a verdict but cannot collect from the other side.

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McMenamin & Margiotti are experienced civil litigation attorneys and we will will work with you through the entire legal process, whether in court by way of a law suit, or at the negotiating table.  We will advise you as to whether your case should be pursued in court or if it’s better handled outside the courtroom.

The firm’s dedicated staff of attorneys, administrators, legal assistants, paralegals, investigators, and support staff has an enviable record of consistently obtaining substantial settlements for clients and successfully earning significant awards following litigation.

The attorneys and staff at McMenamin & Margiotti will readily discuss all aspects of a case with their clients. They are committed to handling each case with the highest level of competence and diligence, in accordance with the highest standards of the legal profession. All communications between attorney and client, whether in the office or at the client’s home, are kept strictly confidential.

The experienced litigators at McMenamin & Margiotti are well-versed in the different stages of civil litigation. Although most civil matters will not require going through each one, it is important that the civil litigation firm you hire have an attorney and legal team who is intimately familiar with each stage: investigatory phase, pleadings stage, discovery (during which evidence is gathered including deposition testimony by witnesses), settlement evaluation, pre-trial motions, litigating the case at trial and, if necessary, the appeal process.

Since most civil matters are resolved during the discovery stage, it is vital that the civil litigation attorney you retain be astute at uncovering all relevant information so they are in the best possible position to negotiate a successful settlement.

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Attorneys Patrick J. McMenamin, Jr.  and Vincent D. Margiotti have practiced law in the Philadelphia suburbs for over 25 years and continue to provide outstanding  quality legal representation to their clients.

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