McMenamin & Margiotti ... Over A Decade Of Legal Excellence

Honesty. Integrity. Results!

Attorneys Patrick J. McMenamin, Jr. and Vincent D. Margiotti have practiced law in the Philadelphia suburbs for over 25 years and continue to provide outstanding quality legal representation to their clients.

Whether your legal matter is criminal, domestic or civil in nature, Pat McMenamin and Vince Margiotti are highly skilled attorneys who will work tirelessly to represent you and defend your rights.  

Honesty.  Integrity.  Results!

At McMenamin & Margiotti we believe that honesty and integrity will never be outdated concepts in the practice of law.  These concepts translate to a commitment to managing and litigating your case that will ensure the highest level of customer service while achieving the best possible results.

It is our policy to always act in your best interests. We will be open and honest with you throughout the case so that you always know what is occurring and what will happen next.  If you have a question we will respond promptly and unlike many other firms, at McMenamin & Margiotti you’ll always be able to speak directly with your lawyer when you need to. 

Meet Our Partners

Pat McMenamin and Vince Margiotti are the founding partners of McMenamin & Margiotti. They are skilled, honest, and compassionate attorneys who will work diligently and fight relentlessly to protect your rights.  

Patrick McMenamin


Patrick J. McMenamin, Jr

Vince Margiotti


Vincent D. Margiotti, partner

What Our Clients Say About Us

I have to say that I have been very very happy with Pat and he has been compassionate, intelligent, understanding, and a true advocate for my legal needs. When I have called the office, I am greeted by friendly staff who never rush me off. I have full trust and confidence in Pat and his partners. I would not hesitate to recommend them. Building a good relationship with a client takes honesty and determination from both client and attorney. If you want to hire an excellent legal team, you have come to the right place! Pat McMenamin is the best lawyer and you will not make a bad choice selecting his firm to work for your legal rights!
Maria G.
Pat was absolutely amazing!! He took my stress away. He communicated with me every step. I always knew what to expect. Very satisfied client 🙂
Colleen S.
Vince is a fantastic attorney who really cares about his clients. I felt that he was with me every step of the way through my case. I was very pleased with the settlement we received and felt I got the maximum possible given the situation. I was very impressed with the fees (well lack there of) taken from my settlement. Copying, postage, etc. was not taken from my settlement check. Overall, would recommend to anyone
Geralynn M.
I am so grateful to the firm for their top notch service. During the past 10 years, when I needed help in various matters, they have done an outstanding job. I highly recommend this firm to anyone who is in need of legal help. Thank you
Alen B.
Amazing service they will guide you through any problems and will get you out of them as well. thank you so much. I thought there was no hope for me but they gave all the hope in the world to win my case. TRUST THEM! I DID AND I WON!!!
Obed V.
Pat has been my lawyer for over 6 years and helped me greatly in many many situations. I would highly recommend Pat and Vince.
Michelle J.