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When you are stopped or arrested for DUI in Montgomery County, Bucks County or anywhere in Pennsylvania you need a knowledgeable, experienced and conscientious DUI  lawyer.  Driving Under the Influence is considered a serious offense in Pa.  A DUI charge is severe because you face:

  • Mandatory jail sentences
  • Mandatory driver’s license suspension
  • Payment of mandatory fines
  • Payment of court costs
  • Payment of laboratory testing fees
  • Possible mandatory alcohol or drug treatment
  • Mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device

It is vitally important that you hire a DUI lawyer as soon as you are stopped or charged with DUI or DWI.  The earlier you consult with and hire a lawyer the better your chances are to defend the case or to work out a suitable arrangement with the police or prosecutor.

You do need an experienced DUI attorney


Lansdale DUI Lawyer Vince Margiotti
DUI Defense Attorney Vince Margiotti

Friends, family or the police may tell you that you can represent yourself.  Do not follow their advice.  You need an attorney, but not just any DUI attorney. You should chose one who has years of experience, knows the Montgomery county and Bucks county court systems inside and out and will be a diligent advocate for you. 

Representing yourself may save the payment of an attorney fee, but you may end up paying more in fines, costs, increased insurance rates and other expenses if the case is not handled properly.  You also may end up serving more time in prison.

Our clients tell us that once they’ve met with us for their initial consultation they realize we have their best interest at heart.  And, equally as important, they understand we will work diligently to defend them to mitigate or eliminate the impact of the DUI.  We’ll take the burden from you and set the course for a successful legal outcome. 

Whether you hire us or not you will come away from the consultation with valuable knowledge regarding the legal aspects of your case and how best to move forward. 

Meet With A Concientious DUI Attorney

Not Every DUI Lawyer Has Your Best Interest At Heart

Unfortunately, there are a some lawyers out there who represent themselves as DUI attorneys but their goal is to collect a quick fee then plead you guilty. They are referred to as “dump truck” lawyers because they quickly dump their clients by  pleading them guilty instead of defending them vigorously in court.  

guy arrested for dui in jail

Beware of sale’s pitches and promises to “get you off”.  When searching for a lawyer be careful of promises that seem to good to be true.  Use caution if someone tries to hold on to your papers or tries to push you into immediately paying a fee.  Think twice before paying a fee that seems outrageous.  Finally, you should be suspicious of someone who is eager to tell you about or publicize his or her “credentials” or continuing education.

The following are some “dump truck” lawyer warning signs. Beware of a lawyer who:

  • offers a “Low Fee” and says you’ll receive good quality representation (It doesn’t work that way).
  • is not willing to meet at his or her office and take the time to really understanding your particular case.
  • meets you for the first time at your court hearing and demands that you show up with cash.
  • operates without an office or staff to keep costs low.
  • after a brief phone conversation begins discussing a plea bargain as the best option.
  • tells you that you don’t have to appear in court or take time away from work. “They’ll take care of everything.”

You should always meet with an attorney in their office for a consultation prior to hiring them. There should be no cost to you for the first consultation. There is a lot at stake. You owe it to yourself to take the time to discuss your case with a conscientious and knowledgeable DUI attorney in the privacy of their office and evaluate their ability and willingness to represent you vigorously. If appropriate, they should be willing to take your case to trial. 

Beware Of The Dump Truck Lawyer

Meet With A Concientious DUI Attorney

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