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You’ve made the decision to begin the divorce process but you are probably overwhelmed with what steps you need to take next. There are so many issues to resolve such as who will retain custody of the kids, property distribution, whether you will stay in your home or move out, child & spousal support and alimony.

Divorce can be a very emotional experience. However, if it’s handled correctly by a knowledgeable divorce lawyer, you can and should come out of it in a better place so you can move on with your life. At McMenamin & Margiotti we are empathetic to your situation and because of our years of divorce law experience we know how to handle your case so that you experience the least stress while achieving the best possible outcome.

In Pennsylvania, there are two types of divorce:

Fault Divorce – where one spouse accuses the other of engaging in serious misconduct. The charge of misconduct must be proven in a court.

No-Fault Divorce – where each spouse mutually agrees that they want the divorce usually due to an “irretrievable breakdown” meaning that their marriage is broken beyond repair. A No-Fault Divorce can also be granted if just one spouse seeks the divorce but the other doesn’t contest it.

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Every divorce case is different and the situations, requirements and timelines to complete them will vary. We understand the nuances of each as well as the ins and outs of the divorce laws in Pennsylvania.

divorce attorney papersWe will take the time to listen to you and then develop a plan-of-action customized for your given situation and based on your desired outcome. We will take into account the well-being of your children as well as fair and equitable distribution of property and assets. Our goal is to yield for you the best possible outcome with the least amount of stress to you.

When we first meet we’ll list your goals and what you are hoping for as the end result of the divorce. Any challenges that may interfere with achievement of those goals will also be discussed. Details regarding the divorce settlement will include child custody and visitation rights (if children are involved), asset and property distribution, alimony and child support and spousal support. Any other concerns or goals you may have will be put on the table at this time. We’ll answer any questions you may have and give you our best estimate as to how long the process will take. 

If you choose to retain us we’ll do everything in our power to minimize the stress on you while we fight to yield the outcome you desire. Rest assured we will always be there for you!

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Attorneys Patrick J. McMenamin, Jr.  and Vincent D. Margiotti have practiced law in the Philadelphia suburbs for over 25 years and continue to provide outstanding  quality legal representation to their clients.

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