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M&M and HGSK, working with law firms across the state, has filed class actions and individual claims against numerous insurers seeking recovery of damages, losses and expenses incurred by individuals and businesses which have been forced to close or curtail business operations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the governmental orders entered in connection therewith.  Most Business owners Policies provide Business Income coverage and Civil Authority coverage for losses caused by events such as the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, all insurers are denying these claims as not being covered by these policies.  M&M and HGSK is at the forefront of the effort to obtain just compensation for these businesses.  You must act now to protect your rights.

#1     Do I Have Coverage?

Most Businessowners Policies provide business interruption coverage.  The coverage is generally Business Income, Extra Expense and Civil Authority coverage.  You must get a copy of your policy and have it reviewed by us.

#2     Why are the Insurance Companies Denying These Claims?

Insurance companies are on your side as long as you are paying premiums.  Once you have a claim, they treat you like a long lost relative looking for a hand-out.  Insurers are claiming that Business Interruption claims require physical damage to the premises.  The COVID-19 pandemic has physically affected the properties in question.  Some insurers also have virus exclusions which may or may not be applicable.  The insurers will not pay unless forced to do so.  M&M and HGSK is here to protect your rights.  

#3     What Should I Do?

First, get a full copy of your policy.  Second, call your agent or the company itself and ask them to open a claim for your business losses.  Third, contact M&M or HGSK to protect your rights using the following form:




             Type of Business:


            Phone Number:

            Email Address:

            Insurance Company:

 Send this information, along with a copy of your insurance policy to:

       By email (to one of the following):

       Vincent D. Margiotti, Esquire

        James C. Haggerty, Esquire

        Christine Hesser, Paralegal

       By Mail:

       Vincent D. Margiotti, Esquire

       McMenamin & Margiotti

       2307 North Broad Street

        PO Box 180

        Lansdale, pa 19446


        James C. Haggerty, Esquire

        Haggerty, Goldberg, Schleifer & Kupersmith

        1835 Market Street, 27th Floor

        Philadelphia, PA  19103

        By Phone:

        Vincent D Margiotti, Esquire


        215-852-5026 cell

        James C. Haggerty, Esquire

        (267) 350-6609

 #4     What Will This Cost Me?

M&M and HGSK handles these cases on a contingency fee basis.  This means that our fee comes out of the eventual recovery.  No fees are charged unless there is a recovery by you.  Fees will be assessed on a basis of 30% of recovery.  A Fee Agreement will be provided for you to review and approve.

#5     Will It Affect My Rates if I Make a Claim?

No.  You have paid a premium for your coverage.  You are merely asking the insurance company to pay what it promised to provide to you.

#6     Can I Talk to Someone About This?

Yes.  We are available to review and address your situation.  Please call us to set up a time.  

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